2017 Mayor’s Design Award

The Mayor’s Design Awards honor bold, creative projects throughout the city for excellence in exterior design, architecture and place-making. The awards are intended to encourage thoughtful, sustainable development and use of public spaces that transform the ordinary into extraordinary, enhance our community, and encourage engagement in it with a nod to the past and an eye on the future.

Selected from the largest-ever pool of nominees, the 2017 winners exemplify the best Denver has to offer. Among them are projects that brighten streets and neighborhoods, projects that showcase Denver’s growth and vibrant economy, and projects that address the challenges we face as a community. The Mayor’s Design Awards celebrate those who brought these projects to life-from the property owners and developers committed to investing in our great city to the architects, designers, artists and builders whose creativity and effort are changing our urban landscape for the better.

The awards were broken into the following categories:

  • Active Spaces: Projects or events that activate public spaces in a way that creates interaction, discourse and community.
  • Density By Design: Multi-family and mixed-use developments.
  • Neighborhood Gem: Projects that exemplify the unique character of their neighborhoods and are recognized by the community as local treasures.
  • Back to the Future: Projects that involved the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings.
  • This Is Home: Single-family projects.
  • Art All Around: Projects that involve murals, sculpture and other forms of art in the public realm.
  • Distinctive Denver: Projects with unique features or elements that set them apart from similar structures, uses and building forms.


You can read more about the 2017 recipients at  Colorado Homes and Lifestyles.


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